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About Live Well Chiropractic

Live Well Chiropractic sign

The Story Behind the Live Well Chiropractic Name

When Dr. Jim Davis and Dr. Nancy Swenson were taking postgraduate courses for certification in chiropractic wellness, one of the mottos developed by the developer of the study program was “Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well.” That slogan resonated with Dr. Jim, and aligned with his own four-point philosophy of Living Well:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Mental attitude
  • Optimal nervous system function

The practice name was born of that inspiration.

Family Care Since 1997

Dr. Jim and Dr. Nancy provide state-of-the-art chiropractic care for Brainerd and Baxter families, with a special emphasis on chiropractic prenatal treatment, and gentle adjustment of newborns and children. We also welcome all other family members and those who may have been injured from a car accident or work-related trauma. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to help you heal.

We’re often asked, “Why do you have such a passion for your patients?” The simple answer is the fulfillment we experience when we see people getting their lives back:

  • The man with terrible migraines who sometimes has to miss three days of work
  • The mom with a breech baby who doesn’t want a C-section
  • The mom with a colicky baby whose fabric of family life is being devastated by the frustration of a constantly crying infant

The changes that we observe in people are amazing. In the brief moment in time that they’re in our office and are being adjusted, we can see the power of their body healing itself, literally giving them their life back. This aligns with our broadening vision of chiropractic care and what it can do to help people optimize their health potential.

Our Practice Difference

We can get you out of pain and eliminate your symptoms. We can help you to feel better and move better.

But what makes our practice different is that we excel in the art and science of teaching people the skills of living well and living a life of abundance. We excel in helping you to prevent problems from returning and preventing future problems. We’re able to do this through the restoration of health and function and the creation of a state of ongoing wellness through good lifestyle habits.

One of our core values is also “fun.” We want our patients to relax and enjoy their time with us, and we can’t help but notice that having kids in the office seems to make everyone from the patients to the staff smile a lot more.


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