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Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractic at Live Well Chiropractic

Girl with head on mom's belly

Creating Healthy Families

Dr. Jim has provided a state-of-the-art chiropractic facility for his patients since 1997, and has been taking special care of moms, moms-to-be, newborns, infants and children of every age. All family members are important to us, and we cater to anyone, whether they’re 2, 92, or somewhere in between.

We’ve tried to create a fun home away from home for families to relax in. We even offer a playroom for children and a one-of-a-kind slide! Children love our gentle, low-force chiropractic techniques, and there’s no fear or apprehension for them about going to the doctor.

Caring for Children

If you’re a parent, you’re familiar with the bumps, bruises, scrapes, concussions and broken bones that children can be prone to. These mini-traumas have a cumulative effect on the body and often lead to patterns of spinal misalignment.

This is what we believe: It’s easier to raise healthy kids than it is to repair damaged adults. It’s exciting to see the difference that chiropractic can make in the health potential of a child as good health is a cornerstone of both personal and social development.

Optimal nervous system function is vital, as it controls motor development, learning, the ability to focus and sleep, immune function, digestion and even moods. Regular chiropractic checkups help your child to deal with the different types of stress that are present in every stage of their development.

Here are some of the conditions that we routinely see in our office:

Since my son was born it seemed he always had problems with his ears. After two sets of PE tubes and multiple rounds of antibiotics we were frustrated and sought out the help of Dr. Jim Davis. Dr. Jim carefully and thoroughly evaluated our son Jack. After being adjusted a couple of times we were noticing many dramatic improvements in his sleep patterns as well as NO REOCCURENCE of EAR INFECTIONS! Since the day we started coming to Dr. Jim until today, Jack’s health has improved in so many ways and we owe it all to Dr. Jim!

Pregnant woman with hands on bellyHelping Pregnant Women

Chiropractic prenatal care is very safe, and if there’s ever a time in a woman’s life when chiropractic treatment is most appropriate, it would be during pregnancy. Not only is the body now responsible for the health of two people, but many structural and hormonal changes rapidly occur, placing extra stress on the body of the mother.

Recent research demonstrates that moms that get adjusted on a regular basis throughout their pregnancy experience these benefits:

  • A better overall pregnancy: improved ability to sleep and optimal energy
  • An easier labor for both mother and child
  • Decreased back pain, fatigue, tight muscles, constipation and heartburn
  • Less morning sickness
  • Optimal positioning for the baby in the pelvis and birth canal

We use special adjusting procedures for our pregnant patients as their bodies are changing and adapting. Our techniques are very gentle and effective as they help to correct pelvic alignment to ensure an optimal birth process. With our specialized training and experience, we help moms and babies to thrive!

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